Keeping Secrets and Telling Lies by Trice Hickman

| January 7, 2012 | 2 Comments

Keeping Secrets and Telling Lies captures the heart of relationships and delves into what makes us tick as passionate beings. Hickman wraps you in the psyche of her characters, so much that before the inevitable happens, you know what the behaviors of characters indicate, like what the popping vein on Ted’s forehead foretells or what the subtle shuffle of Victoria’s feet suggests.

She skillfully weaves the law of attraction in her story.  As in the real world, expecting trouble generally brings trouble, and what the Thorton family does with its secrets makes a tale well-worth reading into the night.

With vibrant characters and a story rich with timeless themes, Hickman expertly delivers the message that love conquers all, but not without a little elbow grease.

Keeping Secrets and Telling Lies is my favorite so far in Hickman’s current releases. I can’t help but believe there is another sequel brewing; Alexandria has quit a gift. – Sistah Tasha

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  1. WOW! Thanks so much for the fantastic review! I appreciate all your love and support! SistahFriends Book Club ROCKS!!!!!


  2. verdell davis says:

    Hello Trice, I read unexpected interruptions ane keeping secrets telling lies and loved them,great read. I was wondering if you plan to continue the series?

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