Mistress Inc. by Niobia Bryant

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Mistress Inc. reminded me that regardless of our intentions, life is what it is. Meaning: We all walk paths we’re not proud of; we’ve all done things that we dare not speak of ; we’ve all had things done to us that we’ve chosen to bury deep in the back of our psyche. Yet, at times we act as if life is a noose around our necks when all it takes is a little courage to remember that we are, indeed, the owners of that rope. In the resurrection of our own mess, it takes courage to live. It takes courage to fight.

In Mistress Inc., Jessa Belle Logan fights hard for the lives she is now responsible for.

But, she was done in Mistress No More. Or so we thought… Jaime, Aria, Renee, and Jessa Bell are back with a vengeance. We have the Pleasure of reuniting with a few old characters and are introduced to a few that make you cross your eyes, bite your lip, and swoon.

Mistress Inc. breathes redemption, forgiveness, and reinvention. Just when you think it’s over, fate snatches back Jessa Bell’s Band-Aid and demands, “It’s time to step out of yourself and heal.”

Niobia Bryant is a masterful storyteller who uses wit and saucy dialogue to make her work pop. I don’t think I can ever get enough of this foursome’s shenanigans, now and past. Yes, M.I. can stand alone, but readers would do themselves an injustice denying the thrill these ladies deliver in Message From a Mistress and Mistress No More.

Mistress Inc. toots life lessons galore. Life Is What It Is; You Are Who You Are; and More Money, More Problems just to whet your curiosity with a few. Fans of Bryant won’t be disappointed in the jaw-dropping drama, cunnings twists, and side-eye hilarity that are Bryant’s pen’s signature. – Sistah Tasha


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